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TransConnect®– Business Integration Platform

TransConnect® is the central server platform for the construction of a scaleable integration architecture which allows your systems working together on a real-time basis.

Standardized and open technologies on XML base provide for seemless data flow and flows of information within the enterprise as well as with business partners.  More efficient commercial processes and reduction in costs in the area of the administration and servicing lead to a short-term return of investment.

TransConnect® impresses by an extremely quick realization of integration scenarios using the available functionality of applications and systems.

TransConnect ® in practice – range of application

Integration – Actual Challenges

Looking at the present IT sceneries in enterprise, one finds a heterogeneous sphere of technologies, data banks and use systems. The requirement of a fast adjustment und re-adjustment of commercial processes such as the demand for permanent optimization along the whole Supply Chain challenges the IT departments of enterprise for providing of integrated system architecture. ERP solutions and highly specified professional applications and individually solutions must automatically interoperate and communicate in the processing of commercial processes.

TransConnect® offers the base for the realization of enterprise-wide integration scenarios with its innovative architecture. Standardized data format (?) XML and the universal adaptor concept reduces the number of the interfaces, providing a standardization of the whole architecture and the control of the available technology mix. TransConnect® supports the integration of data base, applications and commercial processes.

TransConnect® Bus
TransConnect® Bus
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